READYBANK - To ready bank why they dare to called my phone for their stranger more than 60 times nonstop call my phone


it's their number 1 866 473 0948 I suspect their stranger to call my phone ring, ring All weeks 7 days Everymorning and all days and Everydays for 60 times to go 68 times today; the whole bother my phone.what the *** they are stranger for their own desire, desire force me to answer that my phone!

I will not answer *** as *** coward, became [I am deaf] and thanks lots *** so freak it son of *** sick of this biggest *** eat their own ***! sound like cried cried out of loud want me to answer for what???? I will not answer it. or not give them my own private acct.

*** you to business of ( ready bank or credit card ) don't let happen that *** to my phone from their stranger god *** I am victim...if they still keep call my phone then I will call (F.B.I) report on them for their stranger called me more than 68 times what *** this?

Review about: Harassing Calls.

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